Meet the Team

These are some of the passionate and dedicated  people that are working on your projects.
  1. Laura "Laughter is wine for the soul."
    I was born into an international family, so I'm fluent in Spanish and English and grew up exposed to German, French and Italian. It's no surprise that I find languages fascinating. My favorite work tends to be creative. When I’m not with friends and family, I'm writing, painting or reading. On truly perfect days, I'm doing all of these things while traveling and drinking wine, probably with someone I love. My education is in linguistics and I got it at UT Austin. Hook ‘em horns!
  2. Douchka "Always be true to yourself and to others"
    I had the privilege to grow up on the island of Ibiza in a naturally multicultural environment which gave me my first three languages. From this early experience, I fell in love with the power of language to connect people and cultures. I studied at the University of Pau and the Ecole Supérieure d'Interprètes et Traducteurs in Paris, France. I love cooking, and if this can happen abroad while traveling, discovering unknown ingredients, and shopping at colorful markets, even better!
  3. Eva “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. .”
    Social issues, health, and human rights are matters very close to my heart. My degree is in English Linguistics. I’ve had the chance to travel throughout Western Europe, Eastern Africa, Southern India (my dream come true), Latin-America, and all over the USA. Things on my wishlist include archery, mountain climbing, surfing, becoming a certified Tea Master, going back to painting, learning how to create art journals, spending time at a Buddhist monastery, and visiting an NGO abroad that works against human trafficking.
  4. Eduardo
    I was born to an Afro-Caribbean-Hispanic family in Panama, communicating regularly in Spanish and English. My polyglot ways were further stimulated by family adventures in Africa and Europe and friendships in school that lead to an interest in German. I like scientific and engineering papers and appreciate commercial documents; but I really enjoy political and cultural essays. At the University of Alabama I studied Engineering, History and Political Science and did independent research on constitutional theory.
  5. Misha "Remember who you are."
    I studied veterinary medicine and am passionate about animal behavior, and animal and environmental protection. I simply crave scientific knowledge. I’ve studied English my whole life and by junior high I had two Cambridge certificates. Having family living in the US meant I visited the US several times, and even lived in the US for a year. I also have an artistic side and love crafts, making costumes and accessories, cooking, baking, and decorating what I bake!
  6. Dani "Seize the day!"
    I did my degree in Translation and Interpretation at the University of Valencia, Spain and internship at Intercultural Translations, and now I’m back as an integral part of the team! My cultural adventures started when I began traveling alone at only 14 years old. That gave me the chance to meet people with other ways of life, and I have loved foreign languages ever since. Beyond my profession, I love cooking and all kinds of sports. Spending time with children—especially my nephews—is something I find necessary and very refreshing.
  7. Marie Françoise "The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."
    I am a French woman living in Spain on a cosmopolitan island. Most of my professional life I enjoyed teaching at an international French school. Now retired and in my golden years, I have been studying English and practicing my speaking skills on trips to the USA. I love yoga, reading, films and traveling, and being in the sun and the snow (which I don’t see very often). Babies, cats and dogs make me very happy. A perfect day includes observing birds in the sky and the sound of the sea over a stone beach.
  8. Guilherme "Keep walking."
    I've been living abroad for 12 years and I used to be a creative copywriter for ad agencies in Brazil. When I moved to the UK, I learned to adapt my creative skills with translation and transcreation for international brands. Advertising is my passion and I love online media. I studied Marketing/Advertising in Southern Brazil (Unisul University). I love to travel a lot and in my free time I do Internet research. There is always something new to learn.
  9. Gloria
    I’m a marketing specialist with a degree in Communication and Development. English, which I’ve studied my whole life, has been instrumental in both my research and in making friends from different countries. I graduated from National Taiwan University. To relax, I like watching TV dramas. I had played the piano for a period of time in my childhood and I plan to take it up again in the near future.
  10. Sara "Explore. Dream. Discover."
    I have always been a traveler and thought of myself as a citizen of the world. Studying other languages allows me to form deeper relationships with people from diverse cultures. I weirdly enjoy editing anything, because perfecting prose is inherently satisfying, I read voraciously, take pictures and sit on patios with friends and strangers. One of my greatest passions is archaeology—my first career. I love living history vicariously through the objects long-ago people left behind. I'm also fascinated by music and composing, though I don’t play.

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